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Eddie Wilgar, Yarraville

Change for the worse

I'VE GIVEN Before the Game three weeks, but the Wholesale NFL Jerseys new time slot doesn't feel right. I do not enjoy the Wholesale NFL Jerseys change Saturday was a more comfortable fit, not Thursday in the middle of weekly programs.

Barbara Mathieson, Malvern East

Shunted to outside court

WHILE SBS deserves congratulations for showing the Tour de France in high definition, Channel Seven apparently deemed Cheap Jerseys Wimbledon, including the men's and women's finals, unworthy of high definition treatment. Watching it live was great compared to the delayed telecast Channel Nine used to offer. Many thanks.

Judy Lockwood, SunburyCHANNEL Seven's tennis commentary by two albeit great players should be omitted. Their inane comments were meaningless and unnecessary! Watching the highlights the following day was an enjoyable exercise without wholesale jerseys their background chatter. Marjorie Nicholson,Keen on Keenan

SBS Tour de France commentator Matthew Keenan should be commended for his free flowing, informative and intelligent commentary. Well done.

Raymond Bott, Bundoora

Doin' it for the kids

CONGRATULATIONS to the ABC on the brilliant program Kids' Business last week. If only every teacher and every parent could see this, there would be no need to introduce psychological tests and categorise primary school children as proposed by the state government. She has a chirpy delivery and shows genuine empathy with callers. However, she needs to drop that left wing bias that can spring up from time to time. Such as the sideswipe at Sophie Mirabella recently or previously continually criticising banks during the investment show. Come on, Libbi, you do a good job filling those big shoes left by Tonya Roberts just make sure there is balance!

From Sellers to sacred

WITH my alarm set Cheap NFL Jerseys to Radio National I once woke to the Goons. Now I wake to the Religion and Ethics Report. I just love the ABC's sense of continuity.

Gary Sayer, Warrnambool

Q. How to excel? A. Trioli

WELL done, Virginia Trioli, on the recent Q You conducted the program with intelligence, firmness and humour. We must be forever grateful that the ABC has so many talented and dedicated people.

4.7.15 03:06


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