Game 4 instant analysis

The player to watch in Game 4 against Cleveland is Kirk Hinrich. The Bulls are 14 0 this season when he scores 16 or more points; 19 3 when he scores 14 or more points.

Obviously, Hinrich was a huge factor in Game 3 when he poured in 27 points and knocked down all 4 of his shots from 3 point range. The Bulls record when Hinrich hits at least 3 3 point baskets in a game: 10 1.

In other mild news today, guard Acie Law is inactive and Devin Brown will be in uniform. Law sprained his ankle late in Friday's practice and Authentic Ronnie Lott Jersey had to be helped into the training room.

Sight seen in the press room: Cavaliers general manager Danny Ferry sitting among reporters Authentic Roger Craig Jersey watching the Boston Miami game. That's one headline out of the way, "Cavs GM already looking past Bulls." (That was a joke).

By the way, today's media room Internet password is related to Ron Harper, who was traded from Cleveland to the Clippers for Ferry, a regrettable move for the Cavs. Harper ended up joining the Bulls and winning three titles. Maybe the Bulls figured using Harper would mean bad karma for Cleveland.

More updates to follow throughout the gameMaybe Cavs coach Mike Brown was serious about trying to get Shaquille O'Neal more involved. Shaq got the ball four times in the post during the first five Roger Craig Jersey minutes. He scored twice and missed twice.

The Bulls are trying to push the tempo, which is smart. Kirk Hinrich has clanked Ronnie Lott Jersey his first two jumpers, which is Ronnie Lott 49ers Jersey not a great sign for the Bulls.

Eight minutes into the first quarter and LeBron James has yet to score. He just found Anthony Parker and Mo Williams for back to back threes, giving Cleveland an 18 14 lead. I've always felt the Cavs are more dangerous when everybody scores. When LeBron is holding the ball for 15 seconds, then throwing up a jumper as the shot clock expires, that's when the Cavs are at their worst.

At the start of the game, Benny the Bull was lowered from the ceiling and beat on a drum while suspended about 50 feet in the air. He even hung there for another couple minutes when the game started.

Shaq picked up his second foul with 5:28 left, but was probably coming out soon, anyway. Cavs went on a quick 8 0 run as soon as O'Neal left the floor.


While Anderson Varejao shot free throws at the 2:48 mark of the first quarter (missing both), Derrick Rose went over to say something to trainer Fred Tedeschi.

Just then, Hakim Warrick gets off the bench and makes his first appearance since Game 1. He's guarding Antawn Jamison, not LeBron James like in Game 1.

LeBron finally gets on the board with 1:36 left in the first, hitting a lane runner while Warrick leans in with a poor effort to draw a charge.

Joakim Noah has 8 rebounds so far and just made a nice play, grabbing a defensive board in traffic, dribbling coast to coast and drawing the second foul on Anderson Varejao.

Thanks to that foul, Cleveland's small lineup makes an early appearance, with a front line of James, Jamison and Patrick Willis Jersey Jamario Moon. James celebrates by cutting off a pick for a basket rattling thrown down.

End of the first quarter, Cavs 24 21. Bulls are shooting 32 percent (8 for 25), Cavs are at 45 percent (9 for 20). The Cavaliers' regular season defense seems to have returned.

Bulls lead in rebounds 16 9, trail in points in the paint 10 4. Luol Deng leads the Bulls with 8 points, Derrick Rose with 6. Anthony Parker tops the Cavs with 7 points, while James has 5.

During the first quarter time out, the Bulls show Michael Jordan's 1989 shot over Cleveland's Craig Ehlo on the video board, complete with audio from Jim Durham.


To start the second quarter, the Bulls have both Joakim Noah and Brad Miller on the floor. On the Cavs' first two possessions, Shaquille O'Neal misses a shot against Miller and Noah gets the rebound. That's 11 boards for Noah a minute into the second quarter. Hickson, Cleveland's imaginary superstar, scores a basket, then quickly gets 2 fouls Patrick Willis 49ers Jersey of his Roger Craig 49ers Jersey own. LeBron James made a quick trip to the locker room, without the trainer, so it looks like a routine pit stop.

No. 1 trend so far: Cavaliers defense is for real. Bulls are shooting 31 percent at the Authentic Patrick Willis Jersey 8:44 time out in the second quarter and have 6 turnovers.


A cheer of relief when Kirk Hinrich knocks down a 3 pointer at the 8:03 mark of the second quarter. Maybe he'll add a few more.

A few seconds later, Joakim Noah picks up his second foul and is convinced it should have been on someone else, namely Flip Murray. Noah points at the scoreboard, imploring referee Mike Callahan to watch the replay, but it never airs.

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