Death: 27 AUG 1837 in Fincastle, Botetourt Co., VA 4

Occupation: AFT 1788 Blacksmith and wagon maker

Military Service: BET OCT AND DEC 1778 Revolutionary War Private at Ft. McIntosh drafted for building a string of forts in Ohio in preparation for the siege of Detroit with brother, Jacob (drafted)

Military Service: BET JUL AND OCT 1781 Revolutionary War drafted for the Virginia Militia in Botetourt Co.; served under General Lafayette at Yorktown when Cornwallis surrenderedMiscellaneous 1978 The Blacksmith Shop and Carlos Hyde 49ers Jersey a lot were dedicated as the Ludwig Wysong Memorial Park in FincastleMiscellaneous 11 MAY 1833 Applied for his Revoluntionary War pension

Residence: 1755 Manchester Twp., Lancaster Co., PA

Residence: BET 1775 AND 1776 Shepherdstown, Berkley Co., VA (now WV)

Residence: BEF 1778 Berkley Co., VA

Residence: 1781 Fincastle, Botetourt Co., VA 4Will Written 28 MAR 1833 5

Burial: Carlos Hyde Jersey ABT 30 AUG 1837 Fincastle Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Fincastle, Botetourt Co., VA 6

Census: 1810 Botetourt Co., VA; 1 male 10 15; 1 male 45+; 1 female 16 25; 1 female 45+

Reference Number: 3091

Note: The following is from The Wysong Fleshart Line papers from Donna Crocke tt Mowery, evidently published by Dr. H. Dudley Joe Staley Jersey Wysong in October 1978:

Feidt Weissang was born in York County, PA about 1754, the 7th child of Lo dowick Weissang and Mary Hammer. In 1775 or 1776 he married Elizabeth Phe mach and moved to Shepherdstown, Berkeley County, VA (now West Virginia ), where he was drafted into military service. After being discharg Jimmie Ward Jersey ed he moved to Fincastle, Botetourt Co., VA. In July 1781 he was again dr afted into the military service, and was present at the siege of Yorkto wn when General Washington accepted Lord Cornwallis' sword as a gestu re of defeat and surrender.

Feidt was a blacksmith and wagon maker by trade. He wielded the hamm er at the forge and pushed the plane at the bench. His shop still stan ds in Fincastle. He was evidently a serious minded and religious ma n. In his will he describes himself as a shoemaker (horseshoes). Feid t, by his first wife Elizabeth, had the following nine children: Josep h, Elizabeth b 1776 1777, John, Henry, George, Susannah, Jacob, Jimmie Ward 49ers Jersey Polly Authentic Carlos Hyde Jersey Mar y, and Margaret. By his second wife Susannah Coffman, he had three more c hildren.

There is a copy of Feidt's will with the above document.

FEIDT WYSONG (1778 1837)

Everything was going along well for Elizabeth and Feidt. were co ming along in order and on a timely basis. Joe Staley 49ers Jersey However, there was a revoluti on going on, and in early October of 1778 Feidt was drafted in the Virgin ia Militia of Berkley County for his first time in the Revolutionary War.

The English had defeated the French and their Indian allies, so in 1774 th ey made the Ohio Territory a part of Canada. This created much displeasu re among the settlers in the western part of Pennsylvania, Virginia and Ke ntucky because they wanted to settle this rich agricultural area.

The English, along with their Indian allies, were giving the Colonials he ll in the western sector. The entire frontier settlements in Ohio, Weste rn Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Virginia were being attacked by Indian raidi ng parties under the direction of the British forces stationed at Fort Det roit. The settlers became apprehensive and felt neglected. General Washin gton became concerned and wanted to stop this western harassment becau se it was taking part of his regular army as well as threatening his easte rn activities. He wasn't doing too well in the east, anyway.

General Washington called on General Lachlan McIntosh for a meeting to dis cuss plans for an expedition against Ft. Detroit. In August of 1778 the se two generals drew up plans for the building of a chain of forts we st of Ft. Pitt. These were to serve as rest and supply stations for the c ampaign against Ft. Detroit. They were also to serve as a buffer again st the Indian raids.

In August of 1778, General Washington replaced General Hand of Ft. Pitt wi th General McIntosh. He immediately sent out a draft to Yohogania, Monong ahelia and Ohio counties, Virginia. These draftees were marched to Ft. Pi tt and placed under the command of Col. Crawford. He organized them in to his first Authentic Jimmie Ward Jersey and second regiments. They were then marched west to Beav er Creek where construction of Ft. McIntosh was begun.

Near the completion of Ft. McIntosh in October of 1778, more men were need ed to establish and construct a fort farther west. Another draft went o ut to Rockingham, Augusta, Hampshire, and Berkley Counties in Virginia. T hat's when "up jumped the devil" and go ole Feidt and his brother Jacob.

Jacob Wysong had served one hitch in the Pennsylvania Militia before movi ng to Berkley County, Virginia. This was Feidt's Authentic Joe Staley Jersey first experience in t he war.

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